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Questions related to SiteDetour capabilities

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All redirects are served via HTTP and HTTPS. SiteDetour leverages Certbot to programmatically acquire SSL certificates for your domains. Redirects are served over HTTP and HTTPS protocols to ensure all traffic reaches it's final destination.

SiteDetour believes in a fair, simple pricing model. Regardless of your subscription tier, your plan entitles your redirects to each generate up to 10,000,000 requests per month. If your redirect generates a significantly larger number of requests, we reserve to right to bill you an addition $5 per your next 10,000,000 requests. For the overwhelming majority of domains, this level of monthly traffic is not typical and very unlikely to occur.

Redirects can be configured in a variety of different ways, including: the HTTP status code, the option to persist or remove query-string parameters, the option to forward the request URI, and even the ability to redirect to unique locations based on the path that is requested. To learn more, start your free trial today and begin creating your first redirect.

Once logged-in, there is a hit counter found on the page to manage an individual redirect's settings. The hit counter is updated in real-time.

We commit to a 99.9% uptime SLA. We leverage a state of the art, ultra-scalable hosting infrastructure built on AWS in order to deliver high availability and performance.

Indeed! Use the DNS launch instructions provided in our app in order to point your domain's zone apex record to our server. We will handle it from there!


Issues related to payments or invoicing.

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Subscribers are billed on a monthly basis, where the dollar amount billed is determined by the tier subscribed as well as the number of requests served for a customer's redirects.

Yes! We offer a 14 day free trial where you can configure 1 redirect with HTTPS support.

Upon expiration of your 2 week trial, your account will be temporarily disabled until a valid form of payment is provided. In the interim, any redirects that you have configured will serve an empty 404 response. Upon updating your billing information, your account will be immediately activated and functioning as expected.

For pricing information, please refer to our pricing page

To cancel your account, please login and visit the billing dashboard. From there, you can cancel your subscription at any time, as well as remove your default method of payment. Upon disabling your account, your redirects will no longer work (they will return a 404 status code). To reenable your account, simply re-subscribe to one of the payment plans.

We will attempt to charge your credit card on file up to 3 times. If we are unable to charge your account after 3 attempts, your account will be temporarily disabled. To reenable your account, simply visit our billing dashboard to update your billing information. From the billing dashboard, you will need to update the credit card number on file, as well as opt-in to a subscription plan.