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Real-time Customization For Redirects

Personalize how visitors will be redirected based on your unique logic and business rules

Robust Visitor Targeting

Target visitors based on their geolocation, the time of day, preferred language, web-browser details, HTTP request, and much more.

Simple to Implement

Group your visitors into "audiences" that segment your traffic based on various targeting criteria. Associate those audiences with redirection rules for your domain to customize the redirect's behavior.

Track and Monitor Results

Access real-time insights into your visitor audiences.

Real-time, Personalized HTTP Redirection

How It Works:

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Step 1:

Define Visitor Audiences

Use SiteDetour's rule building interface to easily design audiences. Each audience is intended to be a segment of your overall traffic.

For example, an audience could be defined as "All visitors outside the United States."

You are able to combine rules to create your desired level of complexity and specificity.

Step 2:

Associate Your Target Audiences With Redirect Rules

Once your target audiences are defined, you may combine them with any redirect rule to create logic-based redirect behavior.

For example, you could dynamically redirect visitors of your domain to a particular destination based on the country they are visiting from.

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Robust personalization capabilities, including:

  • Geographic:
    • Visitor's Country
    • Visitor's Continent
    • Radius on a map

  • Web Browser:
    • Web Browser
    • Visitor's Device Type
    • Visitor's Operating System
    • Visitor's Preferred Language
    • Visitor's Referrer Type

  • HTTP Traffic:
    • Request Query Parameters
  • Date/Time:
    • Visitor's Day of Week
    • Visitor's Hour of Day
    • Visitor's Time of Day
    • Day of Week in UTC Timezone
    • Hour of Day in UTC Timezone
    • Time of Day in UTC Timezone
    • Visitor's Timezone

  • External APIs, and much more...
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